Commercial Installations

Commercial MATV & SMATV design & installation.

Electrosure Electronics have been in the business of commercial MATV & SMATV systems for over 20 years. We are fully qualified technician and are able to design, install or upgrade your existing antenna systems. With the advent of “Restacking” (from 27th June 2013 in Brisbane) and the possibility of many Hotels, Clubs, Hospitals, Aged Care centres, Retirement villages etc being unable to receive all the current channels, we can help. We can also upgrade you analogue modulators to digital modulators allowing you to receive your own AV in home channels on full digital service via your digital channels throughout yor complex.

  • Design & Installation of MATV systems.
  • Design & installation of SMATV systems..
  • Upgrade to MATV systems for the new restacking channels
  • Upgrades to digital modulators for you own AV channels throughout your complex.

Want to check you are DIGITAL TV READY?

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